Life, death and the underpinnings of mortality are curiously explored in Mia’s work. Dungeon creates dark yet whimsical paintings with hope of capturing a glimpse behind the elegantly raw veil of human existence.

A self-proclaimed Hermit Crab, Mia Dungeon has lived and worked out of her van for several years. Navigating ever-changing landscapes, her work is a sponge to the constant influx of vast visual stimuli innate to life on the road.   The windshield of this 6’ x 10’ live/work space on wheels provides a viewing portal that frames her transient experiences that she then translates into Surreal paintings.


Dungeon’s time spent solo in the Mojave Desert between Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and the West coastline of Southern California has had a great impact on her work.  Mia’s paintings are infused with desert flora and fauna, dusty motorcycle/skateboard trips, and nights spent contemplating the human experience in natural mineral pools under the desert stars.


Many of these paintings began during the first lockdown in 2019.  They have evolved through the Black Lives Matter and Every Child Matters Movements, the Fairy Creek Blockade, broken bones, the passing of her Mother Samantha, and everything in between.  Mama Sam’s true grit, love for life, wild energy, infectious laugh and fierce spirit are honoured and celebrated throughout Mia’s work.


Dungeon explores how we might remain collectively resilient, empathetic, and move forward with humble confidence through times of immense fear, chaos and division.